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Bed Bug Prevention Options
Bed Bug Prevention Options

Whilst total prevention of Bed Bugs is not possible there are many things that you can do to stop them becoming endemic throughout your building. Heat and Go offer a reactive service along with complimentary measures to assist with prevention and due diligence should Bed Bugs be reported.

To provide early detection your Staff need to know how to identify a Bed Bug, the signs of activity, where they are most likely to hide and when they are detected what to do in order to stop them spreading. Heat and Go will deliver a certificated annual 2 hour training session for your Staff, record their attendance and store this information for future records in the Bed Bug Management Centre. By understanding the insect you can detect them early, prevent them spreading and minimise expense and loss of revenue.

The first thought is often to throw away the mattress which can be expensive and take time to replace. With a heat treatment the mattress and all other furniture in the room is cleansed against Bed Bug eggs and adults. To stop the mattress becoming re-infested again, specially developed mattress encasements are available, which are bite proof and totally sealed to stop Bed Bugs harbouring on the mattress. An encasement is recommended after every heat treatment to minimise harbourages. A range of suitable sizes are available. (See Product Shop)

Part of your due diligence against Bed Bugs is ensuring visitors don’t get bitten, therefore you need to declare at some point that the room has been thoroughly inspected and is Bed Bug free. Heat and Go’s trained Technicians will provide a 9 point detailed room inspection which will be documented and recorded, so the room can be declared Bed Bug free. To minimise disruption the room inspections will be scheduled to be inspected over the year i.e. 6 times a year when a proportion of available rooms will be inspected. If Bed Bugs are found to be present a heat treatment can be arranged at a member discounted rate. Any measures identified that would help reduce harbourage and future infestation will be documented for appropriate action.

Heat and Go will create a password protected web portal to the Bed Bug Management Centre where we will store and record all actions taken to prevent Bed Bugs, Staff training, room inspections, treatments, etc. The web portal can be accessed at any time by your appointed Staff and will hold records for over 3 years.

For Bed Bugs we will use our mobile 31,000 BTU heaters to treat up to 3 rooms in each session. Wireless temperature probes will be strategically placed to provide consistent feedback to our Technicians who will make adjustments as necessary until the correct temperature to kill Bed Bugs and their eggs has been achieved.

The temperature recording can be monitored remotely over the Internet by you the Client, the Technicians and our Central Help Desk Managers to ensure that the job will be a success.

Power for the standard 240 volt heaters is generated by our van mounted 40 KVA silenced generator. Within 6 to 9 hours we will be set up, treated, monitored, eradicated and gone with your rooms ready for occupation.